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The Storyteller's Codex is needed by the Storyteller (Game Master) in order to run a game. It has everything in it the Players should not know...

The Storyteller's Codex

Everything the Storyteller needs to run a great Immortal Empires adventure story is in this book (in order to run a complete game you will still need to get the other core game system book: The Adventurer's Rulebook). This book includes: aspects of the parallel world (The Ten Ages, Races and their Cultures, Philosophies, Dimensions, Geography, Powers & Crossing Over, Immortals, Immortal Power Level Benefits, Marunes); Restatements of the Adventurer's Rulebook from a Storyteller's perspective; Greater Magic; Original Magic; five additional magical fighting arts at first used by non-player personalities (Seven Point Mantis (Wyrmkyn), Cloud Dancer assassin art, Necromancer, Draconis Pilus (dragonrider art), and Dream Carver (for dreamscape battle); Villain and Fey Generation along with statlines, Elementals, Spirits, and Dragon stats; Magical poisons and mystical considerations (leylines, spellgems, hypnotism, candle magic, wild magic, alchemy ingredient costs, magical constructs, Cloud Dancer poisons); Artifacts of the First through Fifth Ages and other useful Magically Enhanced items; the Mass Combat System; a Bestiarium of Major and Minor personalities and Fey; and a huge 20-Page Appendix of Storyteller helps to include 100 Most common Praenomens, Family names, Cognomens (nicknames), Orders of the Antaran Magisterium, Gladiator Terminology, Imperial Legions of the Northern Empire, Royal Household and top government positions, Experience Point Awards guideline, Investments & Estates, Character Backpacks, hex maps, Blank Phase Combat Chart, Blank Adventure Plot Chart, and world maps for the Dawn of the Seventh Age. This is one of two core game system books for the Immortal Empires Role Playing Game for Mature Players. It is not a watered-down role playing game, but one that requires some intelligence (and devious subterfuging/plotting) to play. It can be a great tool for expanding one's vocabulary and also for learning some latin and history, for testing players' responses to various role-playing scenarios, all while having a great, fun time.

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