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The Storyteller's Codex is needed by the Storyteller (Game Master) in order to run a game. It has everything in it the Players should not know...
Hardcover Full Color | 192 pp | $75
The Adventurer's Rulebook is needed by the Storyteller and each Player. It has everything in it the Players should know to bring a character to greatness.
Hardcover Full Color | 226 pp | $75
This is a Steampunk expansion building on the Official Storyline in the age after Dead World and before the Cyber Age. New Character types and era specific rules...
Softcover Full Color | 86 pp | $14.99
A complete campaign Adventure for Characters beginning at Overall Rank 0 in the Immortal Empires game world. You will need the Storyteller's Codex and...
Softcover Full Color | 64 pp | $19.99
Mirror Motives is book one of the Immortal Empires saga introducing the Offical Storyline to Storytellers, Players and fans of this great game.
Novel | 266 pp | $10.99
The Starborn War continues the epic Immortal Empires Official Storyline saga every Immortal Empires Storyteller should know.
Novel | 272 pp | $10.99
Keeper of the Mist is book three of the Immortal Empires Official Storyline and reveals the terrible secrets of the elite Cloud Dancer Assassins...
Novel | 258 pp | $11.99
Dawn of the Seventh Age is a dark continuation of the epic Immortal Empires saga in which the evil master assassin Thascius Gildo rises to great power.
Novel | 254 pp | $11.99
Wrath of the Cloud Dragon is the exciting, fast-moving continuation of the Immortal Empires Official Storyline. Estimated publication date is fall 2024.
Novel | 300 pp |
Atilius's Journal chronicles an assassin's spiritual transformation as he learns the true meaning of forgiveness while helping to open the Cave of Dreams!
Novel | 253 pp | $9.99
Softcover Full Color. | 170 pp | $50